There is a much-touted statistic which says that 30% of New Zealanders visit their dentist on a regular basis.

That makes our mouths turn downwards! Why is that? Why is it so low? The bottom falls off your car, you immediately go and get it repaired. But unless something is giving you incredible pain and discomfort with regard to your teeth and gums, we find that most people would prefer to live with the problem than do something about it. Partly, the reasons for that are covered in our blog post, “A Distressed Purchase”.  Mostly, it’s apathy. Some people will happily exclaim: “Ha! I haven’t been to the dentist for 20 years!” We’d like to explain why that’s maybe not such a sensible and bold claim. But it’s not us about instilling fear: it’s about helping you to understand the advantages in being pro-active about your dental health. And what’s going on in your mouth can affect your entire well-being: even something quite minor can become a major irritation. And if left, it can become an unnecessary problem. What we find is that the people with whom we get into a six monthly recall programme we find we don’t have that much to do with. They just tick along, problem solved, teeth for life!